Using a Sales Directory to Your Advantage

A sales directory can be a very useful marketing tool – especially if your are interested in promoting your telemarketing company. Using a business listing will not only give your telemarketing service exposure, but it will help to establish your company as a player in the global telemarketing industry – but only if you plan your sales directory strategy properly. There is no point in simply choosing any old business listing for your telesales business. Unless you choose the right directory, your business listing is not likely to reap any real benefits.Choosing your directoryThe best way to make the most of a business listing is to pick the proper place for your business. If you are operating a very specialised telemarketing service, then you should try to find a sales directory that promotes such services. Another element to consider is the area that is covered by a sales directory. Choosing to list your business in a directory that does not cover the right areas is also a waste – as is choosing a directory that covers too large an area if your telemarketing company is not able to handle the volume of work that could be generated as a result.What to look forA good sales directory will generate traffic for your business listing. There is no point in selecting a directory that gives you a place to park your information. The sales directory should be actively trying to bring traffic to the site to choose from among their members. There are a number of ways that a business directory can generate traffic including useful content, a constant updating of news and facts about the industries listed in their directories and leads generation.The right informationOnce you have chosen the right sale directory for your telemarketing company, you should then think about fine tuning the information that you will list. It is not enough to just list your company name and contact details. Many companies are using business listings as a way of promoting their companies visually as well. If you have a logo for your company, that should definitely be placed in your listing. If you have pictures of your offices, you can upload those as well. If you have a website – then there should be a hyperlink to your site. You can also detail some of the services that you offer as part of your business listing.Telephone numbersMany people believe that it is best to have an 800 telephone number as their primary contact for their business. However, it is actually better to have your regular telephone number as your first point of contact and provide an 800 number as a courtesy. Most businesses want to target local clients and by providing a local number you will know from where your clients are contacting you.Using a sales directory is one of the smartest and most inexpensive ways of promoting your telemarketing company online. Not only will you get business that may not have otherwise found your company, but it is all at a nominal cost when compared with more traditional forms of advertising.

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